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Welcome to the whistletunes.org website, created by Tradschool. I'm using this site to host downloads from the main Tradschool website, keeping all Tin Whistle related downloads in one place and reducing bandwith usage on www.tradschool.com

Most tunes are available in MP3, video and sheet music formats. If you have any feedback or requests, please leave a comment below.


NamePlaySize Length
Banish Misfortune (Jig)

1.7 MB0:55 min
The Blarney Pilgrim (Jig)

1.7 MB0:56 min
The Butterfly (Jig)

1.5 MB0:50 min
Cooley's Reel

1.3 MB0:41 min
Drowsy Maggie (Reel)

0.8 MB0:25 min
The Earl's Chair (Jig)

1.3 MB0:43 min
Garret Barry's Jig

1.1 MB0:37 min

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